Saturday, June 11, 2011

Facebook like website that Pays!!!

You want to earn money while making friends and having fun? YES! its real!!! this site is like facebook social network website that share their income just being an active member. Click Register here!!! or visit

and when you sign-up in the "Who referred you?" field, put my username yyyxyyyz. Why? so that we both get the credits, 60 for me and 60 for you. 


What??? only a cents? Yes it is! but the good thing is that just one month  plus for being a member, i just login and click the 2 ads only and logout sort of 2 minutes time and they send you the payment instantly.


NOTE: Just dont forget to click the adds everytime you online seen below.

By the way they need a paypal account. If you dont have Register here or go to Don't be afraid if you dont have a credit card or debit card you can VERIFY it LATER if you already have a western union, gcash or smartmoney account.

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