Sunday, May 1, 2011

My journey to C# and Journey Introduction [Part 1]

Hello everyone!

I would like to share you my journey about C# and programming language. My intention really was to learn the develop a website of my own. But as i do my research C# is one of the language should be learn first (for fast improvement as i go for but there are many other language also use for .net but i go for C# "sorry for those who hate C#... :) its just me, makes the choice". So for no further chit chat thing... i would like to tell you that this is not really a tutorial i just record some of my things what i did on my journey.. (not all though) too much work to do hehehehehe.... how lazy i am..


1. I would like to know what application tool should i use. (for sure MS products)
2. Learn the interface of the application first. (so that i know where i go)
3. A book that will help me... (hard to tell which one... is good for starter)

maybe thats it for now.. because i will not do it this today...


I will first define those things, for those people didn't know what kind of thing is this. so first What is C#? the answer is from Wikipedia just click the link to read, and for the Hope that will give you an idea even just a little bit...

.... Thats it for now guys, see you next day post for the update of my journey

so stay tuned!!!...

Thank you for dropping

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Janzsen Marfa said...

I'm your number one fan sir !
i like c# too , Create my own mac changer

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